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Trudeau on pharmacare: all talk, no action

Trudeau on pharmacare:
all talk, no action

After this past year, it’s impossible to deny how important strong public health care is for you and your family. But for six years now, we’ve heard Justin Trudeau say he would deliver pharmacare – with no intention of doing it.

When he wanted your vote, he promised you prescription drug coverage. But when the time came to actually deliver, he turned his back on you and voted against it.

Canadians are already being squeezed enough – and nobody should be forced to skip important medication because they can’t afford it. We deserve a Prime Minister who's more than just talk. Jagmeet and the NDP are committed to bringing you a national pharmacare program that will:

  • Let Canadians use their health card – not their credit card – at the pharmacy till
  • Put an end to costly co- payments, deductibles and premiums that cost families hundreds and even thousands a year.
  • Save employers approximately $600 per employee with extended health benefits every year

We know you’re ready for better. We’re ready too.

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