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We'll save you money with Pharmacare for all.

Pharmacare for all will save families more than $500 a year – whether they have insurance or not – and make sure every Canadian can fill their prescription with no cost and no worry.
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Marilyn's story

What people are saying
  • "Like any parent, our kids come first. We can't afford my husband's heart medication, so we're rolling the dice. Canadians need universal, public pharmacare. Our income shouldn't dictate our access to medicine."

    Marilyn Sheehan, Burnaby BC
  • "I have idiopathic anaphylaxis and need epi-pens. I'm required to carry two at all times, but they cost $120 per pen. Some weeks, after I've had a reaction, I have to cancel plans, like not being able to go on school trips, because we can't afford to carry a second epi-pen."

    Cole Sheehan-Klassen, Burnaby BC
  • "I have type one diabetes and need to take insulin in order to survive. I've paid over $70,000 in out-of-pocket expenses for the basics that I need to live. To know that I will always be in debt or fighting debt just to be alive is exhausting and stressful. It's frightening. Canadians like me, with diabetes and other expensive chronic illnesses, need universal, public pharmacare to survive."

    Rowan Burdge, Burnaby BC