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September 18th, 2019

Conservatives Say One Thing and Do Another on Corporate Giveaways

Andrew Scheer’s talk on corporate welfare might sound familiar to Canadians.

While Stephen Harper was in opposition, he promised he would take on “corporate welfare bums.”

But in government, Harper actually continued the corporate gravy train. In fact, corporate tax revenue as a percentage of GDP fell by 23%.

And both Stephen Harper and Justin Trudeau broke their promises to end fossil fuel subsidies.

Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau is saying some pretty words about taxing the rich while giving $14 billion to profitable corporations.

Both the Liberal and Conservative records are clear: they give tax breaks to corporations and make everyone else pay for it.

After years of Liberal and Conservative government, Canada’s richest 87 families own the same amount as the lowest earning 12 million Canadians combined.

Jagmeet Singh’s New Deal for People ensures the ultra-rich and profitable corporations pay their share so we can make life more affordable for everyone.

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh:

“At election time, Liberals and Conservatives like to pretend they’ll take on big corporations. But after years of Liberal and Conservative governments, the ultra-rich are better off than ever while other Canadians are struggling. It’s time to ensure big corporations pay their share so we can make life more affordable for people.”