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October 12th, 2019

From Brampton to Nunavut, Singh Encourages People to Get to the Polls

BRAMPTON – With momentum on Jagmeet Singh’s side, the NDP Leader will spend Saturday meeting with people in Brampton and Toronto, and having coffee via Facebook Live with Mumilaaq Qaqqaq, the NDP candidate in Nunavut, while encouraging people to vote in the advance polls.

“It’s hard for working families to get ahead when the Liberals keep giving breaks to the richest corporations, and forcing the rest of us to pay the price,” said Singh. “Over the last four years, Justin Trudeau had no problem finding billions of dollars in tax giveaways for his corporate friends – but he left Canadians waiting for help on drug costs, child care and finding an affordable place to call home. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can make better choices.”

Liberals and Conservatives have been asking families to work harder, dip into their savings or take on debt just for necessities like a place to call home, cell phone bills, medication, and dentist appointments. Meanwhile, profitable corporations and the super-wealthy have done very well over the last four years.

“Like Liberals do every election, Justin Trudeau is trying to scare Canadians into settling for less – but New Democrats know that you deserve better,” added Singh. “Families are struggling, and they need help now. We’ve got a bold plan to make life more affordable, strengthen health care and confront the climate crisis. New Democrats will fight for you. We choose you.”

The NDP’s New Deal for People will create 500,000 affordable child care spaces within four years, launch a universal pharmacare program, bring in no-cost dental coverage for working families who need it, expand affordable housing and give struggling families immediate help with rent, and lift the burden of student debt by cancelling all federal loan interest.