May 5th, 2014

Let Canadians living abroad vote

In light of the Ontario Superior Court decision, the NDP is asking the government to fast track Bill C-575, which would extend the right to vote to all Canadians living abroad.

“The court ruled that it is undemocratic to restrict their ability to participate in our democracy. Canadians working abroad care deeply about Canada and have a vested interest in the decisions of government, taxation, our economy, our justice system and rights,” said the sponsor of this bill and NDP Deputy leader, Megan Leslie (Halifax).

Bill C-575 calls to strike down Section 11 (d) of the Canada Elections Act, which states that Canadian citizens that have lived outside of Canada for more than five years cannot vote. There are approximately 2.8 million Canadians living abroad, and it is estimated that those expats contribute $6 billion in income taxes to the Canadian treasury.

“It is time to recognize the important contribution of the Canadians working abroad. I am asking my colleagues to adopt this bill quickly so we can make things right,” added Leslie.