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September 12th, 2021

Wilson-raybould reveals liberal interference in judicial appointments

In her new book, Jody Wilson-Raybould reveals that Trudeau’s office would put on a “full-court press” to get friends and partisan insiders appointed as judges:

“Many other tactics were used to try to influence appointments, such as the PMO insisting on receiving my detailed and confidential lists with the raw data of feedback from validators and other processes about appointees. Sometimes there would be a full-court press from the PMO, ministers, other MPs, and influential Liberals who would contact me trying to advance a particular appointment. This even occurred when a particular individual had not been recommended through our comprehensive vetting process.” (Page 179)

This revelation follows a Journal de Montreal story two days ago showing that Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier was “very insistent” that the Justice Minister David Lametti appoint the partner of one of her campaign donors over the candidate recommended by the independent committee. Lametti ultimately went with Lebouthillier’s choice.

In 2020, media obtained emails showing that Trudeau’s former Quebec advisor, and current Co-president of the Liberal Quebec campaign, interfere regularly with the Justice Ministry to get information on specific candidates. La Presse also found that 17 judicial appointments were delayed until MPs could give their opinion on the candidates.

NDP Deputy Leader Alexandre Boulerice:

“Justin Trudeau isn't who he pretended to be six years ago. Back then, he told us all kinds of nice things about doing politics differently. But instead, he rewards his friends and insiders with good appointments. When he puts his rich friends first, everybody else pays for it. As prime minister, Jagmeet will clean this up and ensure that partisan nomination can no longer occur."