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September 20th, 2015

What they’re saying about the NDP’s universal prescription drug plan

Half-way through this campaign Justin Trudeau has already maxed out his credit card, without proposing any plan to re-invest in Canada’s healthcare system. Meanwhile, here is what the experts are saying about Tom Mulcair’s sustainable plan to provide a universal prescription drug plan to lower prices and provide better coverage.

“Fixing the system will reduce the burden on patients and families and lower overall healthcare costs”

  • - Gabriel Mill__er, Canadian Cancer Society

“The NDP has listened to the concerns of Canadians and health care professionals and has shown it is willing to act on health care.”

  • Linda Silas, President of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions

“Game-changer! Tom Mulcair commits $2.6B to support pharmacare plan”

  • - Dr. Ritika Goel, Canadian Doctors for Medicare

“Key element of a National Seniors Strategy”

  • - Canadian Medical Association

“Pharmacare would be the biggest advancement in Canadian health care since the introduction of Medicare”

  • - Canadian Doctors for Medicare

“Canadians want a pan-Canadian pharmacare framework that is affordable, effective and efficient that prioritizes coverage for our most vulnerable”

  • - Canadian Pharmacists Association

"The NDP's vision of a universal, comprehensive, public pharmacare program… is the best way to ensure that all Canadians have equitable access to necessary medicines at a cost that is affordable to individuals and society as a whole."

  • - Dr. Steven Morgan, Professor, University of British Columbia, Founder, Pharmacare 2020

“Universal drug coverage…is an essential element to contain drug costs, achieve sustainability and improve the health outcomes of the population”

  • - Marc-André Gagnon, PhD, Associate Professor, Carleton University