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March 7th, 2014

Vic Toews gets the patronage appointment he waited his whole life for

Today the federal Conservative government appointed former Cabinet Minister Vic Toews to the bench in Manitoba.

It's not the Senate appointment he likely really wanted, but he'll just have to make do with this plum patronage post and the $288,100 salary.

As a minister in Stephen Harper’s cabinet, Vic Toews was most famous for his failed attempt to get warrantless access to Canadians’ emails and phone calls. ‎He even said that anyone who didn't like his warrentless snooping stood with the child pornographers!

Who can forget his own adventures in patronage?

And of course there's his recent lobbying, where he registered on behalf of four different organizations in Manitoba, finding loopholes around ‎the five-year ban on federal ministers lobbying after leaving office.

We can only assume it was his fine legal mind, demonstrated by his record of breaking election laws in Manitoba, that most appealed to Stephen Harper. Couldn't have been his long history as a Conservative warrior for the prime minister? Could it?

Canadians deserve better than more Conservative patronage.