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April 14th, 2019

NDP Statement on Vaisakhi

Jagmeet Singh, Leader of Canada’s NDP, issued the following statement:

On behalf of all New Democrats, I’d like to wish a Happy Vaisakhi to Sikhs in Canada and around the world.

Vaisakhi marks a time for celebration of service and human rights. During Vaisakhi, Canadian Sikhs engage in the tradition of “sewa”, or selfless community service, and take part in Khalsa Day parades.

Vaisakhi is a celebration of the Khalsa tradition initiated by Guru Gobind Singh Ji, centred on the fundamental principles of freedom, equality, and justice.

The Khalsa arose as a form of resistance in the 17th century, but today it is recognized as a foundation of human rights and anti-discrimination, and the belief that all people should live free of oppression, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, or identity.

During this Vaisakhi, let us embrace the ideas of equality, selfness, and love that span countries and cultures.

With love and compassion, we can lift others up so that we all rise.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!