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November 10th, 2020

Trudeau’s Liberals must act immediately to counter white supremacy in Canada

OTTAWA – Today, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh was joined by advocacy groups to discuss the growing threat of white supremacy in Canada and the danger it has brought to communities from coast to coast to coast. Canada has seen a 200% increase in active hate groups in the last five years, making families feel unsafe in their communities. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals must do more to tackle online hate and dismantle white supremacist and neo-nazi groups in Canada.

“Hate and far-right ideology spread like fire online and Justin Trudeau has been slow to tackle this issue,” said Singh. “People need to feel safe in their towns, workplaces, schools and online. We are often told that white supremacy and racism exist only in the United States. This is misleading. Far-right extremist groups are operating across Canada, right now. Trudeau’s Liberals cannot sit on the sideline, they must act immediately to counter hate groups wherever they are.”

In 2015, according to counter-terrorism experts in Canada, we had 100 alt-right or white supremacist groups operating in Canada. Now, we have over 300. As the number of alt-right and neo-Nazi groups grow in Canada, we now know that without action today, it will simply be a matter of time before the next attack against people.

“Nobody should feel unsafe and worried that they could be the target of such groups,” said Singh. “Many people face discrimination, racism and hate in their daily lives in Canada. The Liberal government must immediately use all its tools to dismantle white supremacist groups and tackle online hate by implementing measures that will make social media platforms accountable to remove hateful and violent extremism content on their platform.”

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