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September 15th, 2021

Trudeau’s housing failure: prices hit “largest yearly increase since Sept 1987”

Today's report on the Consumer Price Index shows the price of a new home up 14.3% year over year, the largest yearly increase since 1987.

This comes after an investigation today revealing that Trudeau’s housing strategy gives multi-million-dollar loans to big developers to build rental housing at rents as high as $2,000/month, while claiming it’s “affordable.”

In one case, Trudeau’s program listed "affordable rent” at $1,500 a month, when even the average rent in the area was much lower, at $880.

Jagmeet Singh:

“Justin Trudeau's housing plan is always meant for big developers, not people who want to find a place they can actually afford. When he promises affordable housing and then lets prices climb like this, it costs people. People can't afford Justin Trudeau's empty promises anymore.”