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December 17th, 2021

Trudeau won't take responsibility for his government's failure: NDP

NDP critic for defence Lindsay Mathyssen made the following statement:

“Justin Trudeau’s statement, ‘I wish I could have done more’ is insulting to service members who have been sexually assaulted or harassed on his government’s watch. He doesn’t get to say he wishes he could have done more. He could have done much more; he could have started by doing the bare minimum to ensure service people could do their jobs safely and with dignity. For six years, he refused to do anything and his office contributed to covering it up. Justice Deschamps recommended ways to fix the toxic culture in the Canadian Armed Forces 6 years ago — he ignored that.

Service people need action and leadership from this government not sympathy and empty words. It’s embarrassing that Justin Trudeau is acting like the misconduct and abuse in the CAF has nothing to do with him, the ministers he has appointed to oversee necessary change, or the reports he keeps requesting and then ignoring. Service members deserve better.”