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December 3rd, 2019

Trudeau Must Keep Election Promise and Deliver Treatment Centre for Grassy Narrows

OTTAWA — On Tuesday, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh stood with National Chief Perry Bellegarde of the Assembly of First Nations, Ontario Regional Chief Roseanne Archibald, and Chief Rudy Turtle of Grassy Narrows First Nation, to join in their calls for Justin Trudeau to keep his promise to help the people of Grassy Narrows.

“The new Liberal government must quickly deliver on the mercury treatment centre that they promised to Grassy Narrows two years ago. The people of Grassy Narrows deserve the kind of care and treatment we would all want for our families,” said Singh. “While Justin Trudeau said all the right things, he failed to keep his promise and actually help the community care for those suffering the effects of the poison. He must keep his election promise and work with the people of Grassy Narrows immediately to make the promise of a care home a reality.”

Two years ago, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government promised to support the people of Grassy Narrows by building a mercury care home and failed to follow through. During the election, the Liberals again promised to work with the people of Grassy Narrows to fund the home, but have so far not delivered.

“Imagine having a Prime Minister mock your community and refuse to help you care for your loved ones who were poisoned by the water, even after he promised he would. The government must do better,” said Singh. “New Democrats stand in support with the community of Grassy Narrows and will continue the work to help build a treatment centre for residents affected by long-term mercury exposure, working with the Nation’s leadership and the community.”