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September 17th, 2015

Tom Mulcair will invest in the middle class by asking corporations to pay their fair share

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair will take a different approach than the Liberal and Conservative corporate tax giveaways that have failed to create jobs and grow Canada’s economy.

“We are going to be asking Canada’s largest corporations to start paying their fair share. We will not be raising taxes on individual Canadians,” said Mr. Mulcair, during tonight’s leaders’ debate on the economy. “Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Harper are of one mind. They thought that dropping corporate taxes by tens of billions of dollars was a good idea. It hasn't been. The stock option tax loophole costs Canadian taxpayers $500 million a year. We will get rid of it.”

By closing tax loopholes and raising the corporate tax rate to 17 percent, an NDP government will immediately reduce small business taxes from 11 to nine percent and make targeted investments in manufacturing and innovation.