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March 15th, 2015

Tom Mulcair presents his plan to build a better Toronto

NDP Leader to appoint a Minister of Urban Affairs

Before a large and enthusiastic crowd of supporters this weekend, NDP Official Opposition leader Tom Mulcair presented his plan to support middle-class families and economic growth in Canada’s major urban centres – like Toronto.

“Our cities need a real partner in Ottawa to help maintain their infrastructure and create quality middle-class jobs. The NDP understands these needs and has committed to appointing a minister of Urban Affairs to complete this new partnership with Provinces and Territories.”

Tom Mulcair made the announcement at his party’s largest gathering this year, demonstrating that Torontonians are supportive of the NDP’s plan to generate economic growth and keep big cities moving. The NDP understands that large urban centres like Toronto are the pulse of our economy and essential to creating middle-class jobs.

Mulcair also emphasized the strategic importance of Canada’s largest city to the nation’s economy. Each year, the greater Toronto area welcomes 80,000 new immigrants, and the city has a workforce of 3.3 million, accounting for 20% of the country’s GDP.

The NDP has proposed a five-pronged plan to help large urban centres:
• Reducing transit times through stable, predictable funding for transportation
• Creating up to 164,000 new $15/day childcare spots in Toronto as part of its affordable Canada-wide plan
• Making affordable housing a priority by appointing a Minister of Urban Affairs
• Improving the process for recognizing the qualifications of new residents
• Helping small businesses by lowering the tax rate from 11 to 9%

“Consecutive Liberal and Conservative governments have neglected Toronto for far too long. It’s time to design our public policies based on the needs of our cities and Canada’s New Democrats can give the middle class the boost it needs,” added Mulcair.