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February 26th, 2019

From Sunny Ways to Cozy Corporate Cover-ups: A Liberal Timeline

How times have changed - from the Duffy scandal to today’s SNC Lavalin imbroglio, Justin Trudeau’s standards for ethical behaviour have shifted more quickly than you can say “conflict of interest”.

Let’s review:

Justin Trudeau on Harper/Duffy scandal

“There are questions about the inconsistencies in his own stories, his own contradictory statements, there are inconsistencies in what ministers of the Crown have been told to say to Parliament,” August 16, 2015

"It's really frustrating to see the level of mistrust and disgust that Canadians are having towards Parliament, towards the prime minister right now. It's time the prime minister showed some leadership and actually came clean on everything he knew, and the only way we're going to be able to do that, unfortunately, is if everybody testifies under oath."October 26, 2013

"He has from the very beginning done nothing but dodge questions, gives partial and erroneous answers and basically not demonstrate the kind of transparency and openness that Canadians deserve."July 2013

“Mr. Speaker, tonight this House will vote on a motion that will compel everyone involved in the PMO ethics scandal, including the Prime Minister, to testify under oath. I am sure every single Conservative MP would agree with their former colleague from Edmonton—St. Albert that their constituents want answers. Will the Prime Minister allow a free vote so that Conservative MPs can express the will of their constituents tonight?”November 6, 2013

Justin Trudeau on Trudeau/Wilson-Raybould scandal

Since the first Globe and Mail report was published, Trudeau and his team gave multiple inconsistent and contradictory stories.

Trudeau voted against a public inquiry to shed light on these allegations. In addition, Trudeau maintains that solicitor-client privilege prevents Jody-Wilson Raybould from freely speaking her truth - even though she wants to share what she knows.

Thirteen days after the Director of Public Prosecutions made it clear that he would continue the criminal prosecution of SNC Lavalin, Justin Trudeau met Jody Wilson-Raybould. Trudeau has refused to answer two central questions about this meeting: Who organized it, and why did he meet with the former Attorney General when the decision to continue the criminal trial had already been made by the Director of Public Prosecutions?

So far, Justin Trudeau has refused to testify under oath, and staff in the PMO has followed his lead - even though it seems like this may be the only way that Canadians will get answers.

Canadians deserve a Prime Minister that’s on their side, a Prime Minister who will stand up to the wealthy and well-connected and put their interests first. They want someone who works to make their lives better -- not someone who works hard to secure backroom deals for their friends.

Will Justin Trudeau come clean and answer questions under oath - or is it possible - perish the thought! - that in Trudeau’s sunny ways Ottawa, there’s in fact one rulebook for insider elites, and another for the rest of us?