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April 26th, 2021

Strike at the Port of Montreal: statement by Alexandre Boulerice, Deputy Leader of the NDP

In light of the strike at the Port of Montreal and the threat of a back-to-work bill, Boulerice made the following statement:

"By indicating their intention to introduce a special bill, forcing dock workers back to work at the Port of Montreal, the Liberals are clearly letting us know that they don't care about workers' rights. It's a shame to watch this disgraceful spectacle.

Justin Trudeau should understand that there are serious consequences to shamelessly trampling on the fundamental rights of workers to pressure their employer for better working conditions.

By interfering in the negotiation process, the Liberals are destabilizing the balance of power between workers and their employer for good. This is simply abhorrent. The employer's position is strengthened and they will no longer have any incentive to settle the labour dispute.

The Liberals have made their bed and no longer have any credibility when it comes to defending workers' rights.

The New Democrats will always be there to defend the interests of workers. If the Liberals go ahead with their special legislation, we will fight tooth and nail to stop it and ensure that workers' voices are heard".