June 27th, 2014

Stephen Harper rewards yet another friend… and taxpayers again left holding the bill

Myriam Taschereau – former conservative candidate in Quebec and ex-PMO employee – just won a job from the Conservatives as a citizenship judge.

Once again, Stephen Harper rewards a close friend while taxpayers pay his bill. Just like with close aides like Angelo Persichili – who was appointed as a citizenship judge in 2012 – and Carolyn Stewart-Olsen, who won big in the patronage sweepstakes with her job-for-life as a Conservative Senator.

While the government can pretend the nomination process for Ms Taschereau was “rigorous”, it is clear to everyone that her communications and tourism background has nothing to do with being a citizenship judge. And it’s very clear that ex-PMO employees are way over-represented on the Citizenship Commission!

By bestowing these gifts on his Conservatives friends, over other candidates with much more experience, Stephen Harper is undermining the Canadian immigration system.

All Canadians – and all those who aspire to become Canadian – deserve better than a government plagued by patronage.