June 21st, 2013

Statement from NDP leader Tom Mulcair on flooding in southern Alberta

As states of emergency are being declared in towns across southern Alberta, our thoughts and prayers are with all those facing flooded homes and evacuations, including the people of Calgary facing the cresting Bow and Elbow rivers today.

Images of flooded cities and towns have shocked people across the country. This is a difficult time but I know the people of southern Alberta and Calgary are pulling together, and their resilience is an example to all of us.

I would like to acknowledge municipal, provincial and federal officials, in particular first responders, and salute their hard work and professionalism under difficult circumstances.

I commend the leadership shown by local municipal and First Nations leaders who have done so much for the people they serve. In particular, I would like to thank Mayor Naheed Nenshi for his strong leadership as the people of Calgary face the worst flooding in years.

Regardless of where we live in Canada, today we all stand ready to help the victims of this flooding. We are all your neighbours, today. We urge the Government of Canada, through the department of Public Safety, to work alongside provincial, municipal emergency officials to deliver all disaster relief assistance needed.