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January 11th, 2024

Statement from Jagmeet Singh on the passing of former NDP Leader Ed Broadbent

Canada’s NDP Leader, Jagmeet Singh, made the following statement:

“Ed Broadbent was a lifelong champion of our movement and our party. He dedicated his considerable gifts to the project of social democracy, never wavering in his belief that we must build a Canada that serves everyone –not just the rich and powerful.

He was always generous with his time and talent. When I was newly elected Leader of our Party, Ed helped me tremendously with his advice and encouragement. Whenever I asked anything of him –to talk through policy ideas; to help with a challenging political problem or to campaign with me – he always said ‘yes.’

It is impossible to travel across this country and not meet people who were touched by Ed’s compassion, commitment, and fierce intelligence. He never lost sight of who we fight for. He was connected in a deep way to the values of working-class Canadians and their struggles.

I have often said that Ed was who I wanted to be when I grew up. He taught me about leadership and how to turn political principle into actions that helped improve the lives of Canadians. Ed knew that the struggle for justice and equality is long and there are many days when we are tempted to give in to cynicism. He lived a long life of hope and he worked hard to turn that hope into reality. His legacy is found not only in his political achievements but in the lives of millions of Canadians who have benefitted from his passionate commitment to social democracy.”