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October 16th, 2019

Singh to Trudeau: Why Are You Letting Multimillionaires Off the Hook?

Yesterday, Jagmeet Singh challenged Justin Trudeau on why he won't tax the super-rich to pay for services Canadians badly need.

Trudeau used to talk about making the rich pay their share. But after four years in power, Canada’s richest 87 families hold as much wealth as 12 million Canadians.

Trudeau's 2019 platform includes nothing that asks the richest 1% to pay more, and offers nothing to Canadians who can't afford basic needs like rent and medication. Does Justin Trudeau think that’s fair?

Singh said:

We know that Mr. Trudeau is not willing to tax the richest Canadians. We put it to him, and people have asked him, would he be willing to put in place our wealth tax on the super wealthy? He hasn’t said yes.”

“No other party is willing to say we’re going to make sure that the richest Canadians, those who have fortunes of over $20 million, pay their fair share. Everyone else, Canadians, hardworking families, middle-class families, they’re paying their fair share. They don’t need to pay any more of the burden.

“We’re not going to raise taxes on middle-class and working-class families. But we’re asking the richest to pay their fair share. Mr. Trudeau is not willing to do that.

Singh has made implementing a super-wealth tax on fortunes over $20 million an urgent priority in the next Parliament. The PBO estimates it will raise $5.6 billion in its first year to spend on priorities like pharmacare, housing, and dental care.

Video of Singh’s comments is available here.