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June 2nd, 2021

Singh calls on Trudeau to implement a national Indigenous housing strategy immediately

OTTAWA — Today, in his speech at FCM’s annual meeting, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh committed to a for Indigenous, by Indigenous National Housing Strategy. After Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland was pushed by the mayors of Canada’s biggest cities to invest in urban Indigenous housing, the NDP Leader went further and committed to implement a strategy in the first 100 days of a NDP government.

“This is another devastating example of Trudeau’s pretty words, without action. His Liberal government committed to implement a strategy specific for Indigenous people, both urban and non-urban and they haven’t done the work. They are continuing to leave Indigenous people behind,” said Singh. “Families deserve better. We’ll keep pushing the government to bring in a strategy now.”

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the housing crisis for Indigenous people has worsened. Stakeholders have highlighted that even though 87% of Indigenous households are off reserve and Indigenous people are 11 times more likely to use a homeless shelter, there still isn’t an urban, rural and northern Indigenous housing strategy.

“Indigenous people have been hit hard by COVID-19 — the lack of access to healthcare services and safe and affordable housing has made it even harder,” added Singh. “Despite that, Justin Trudeau chooses not to do what is needed to fix the housing crisis and historic injustices. New Democrats will continue to fight for Indigenous people and for safe, affordable homes.”

The NDP also committed to include a properly funded National Housing Center designed and run by Indigenous housing providers to close the Indigenous housing gap.