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March 31st, 2022

Report says Liberals' Carbon Capture plan likely results in more emissions, not less

Since 2000, 5.8 billion dollars of public money went to Carbon Capture but did almost nothing to lower greenhouse gas emissions, while being used for more production

OTTAWA – New Democrats are raising alarm bells about how the Liberal government's supposed plan to reduce emissions is failing to fight the climate crisis. Another report out today proves that Canada cannot subsidize Carbon Capture technology to reduce emissions, but instead needs to invest in green energy and in worker development. The NDP is again calling on the government to invest in these measures in next week's budget.

"For the last 7 years, the Liberals have been heading in the wrong direction. Their new emissions plan is heavily dependent on massive subsidies to big oil to implement Carbon Capture technology – a strategy that has been denounced by scientists as it mostly benefits big oil companies," said NDP Environment Critic Laurel Collins (Victoria). "And today's report explains how this strategy did almost nothing to lower Canada's greenhouse gas emissions and was instead used for more production. This is unacceptable."

Today's report by Environmental Defence says the federal government provided $8.6 billion to the oil and gas sector in 2021 alone. And since 2000, Canada provided $5.8 billion in Carbon Capture that only lowered Canada's greenhouse gas emissions by 0.05% and was instead used to increase production.

"The Liberal government is giving billions to the oil lobby to increase oil production on the fantasy of being able to capture carbon. Experts say these huge subsidies with taxpayer money have likely resulted in more emissions, not less," added NDP Natural Resources Critic Charlie Angus (Timmins—James Bay). "Public money should be used to tap the creativity of energy workers to create a truly Canadian clean energy revolution. Canadian workers have the skill to do this, but instead the Liberal government has broken every single climate promise they've made. The clock is ticking, the planet is burning, and the window of opportunity is rapidly closing."