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January 14th, 2020

Report Confirms Liberal Failure to Lift Canadian Children out of Poverty

WINNIPEG – Campaign 2000’s most recent report reveals that the Liberal government's refusal to act on measures like pharmacare and a national childcare program has left over one million children still living in poverty across the country.

“These findings are a reminder that we need to change how we do things to make sure all Canadians' human rights are upheld. This includes ensuring that we address issues related to food security and housing,” said New Democratic Critic for Families, Children and Social Development, Leah Gazan. "Despite saying many of the right things, the Liberals have failed, once again, to help those living in poverty, including children; poverty which is even more pronounced in Indigenous communities and with immigrant and newcomer populations. This government needs to do better.”

New Democrats welcome the Campaign 2000’s recommendations to tackle poverty, address these inequalities, and lift children and families out of poverty once and for all. Among the recommended policy and program changes, Campaign 2000 calls for increasing the Canada Child Benefit, implementing Pharmacare, establishing a National Childcare Program, and expanding employment insurance to help those who really need it.

“While the Liberal government continues to give the ultra-rich tax breaks, the Liberals have been failing to help the rest of us - especially those in the greatest need,” said Gazan. “From pharmacare, to a national minimum wage, New Democrats are going to keep fighting to get the Liberals to implement Campaign 2000’s recommendations and help get children in Canada out of poverty."