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May 3rd, 2024

Reality Check – Will Poilievre fire the lobbyists that pull the strings of his party?

Pierre Poilievre’s isn’t fooling anyone when he says he’s listening to the people, not corporate lobbyists or wealthy elites.

It’s not just his words that are rich – the Conservative Party’s governing council is too.

Let’s remember who’s giving Pierre his talking points:

“Pierre Poilievre should follow his own advice,” said NDP Ethics critic Matthew Green. “He can start by firing his own lobbyists and then he can stop listening to the billionaires and corporate CEOs he surrounds himself with.

“This guy is the definition of a hypocrite. He’s pretending that he gets what workers are going through and then, behind closed doors, he’s helping corporate lobbyists maximize the profits of the same CEOs who are ripping you off. Pierre Poilievre should come clean with Canadians about who he really is— someone who cuts the services everyday Canadians need just to give more public money to his wealthy corporate friends.”