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September 29th, 2022

Reality Check: Who benefits from Poilievre's plan to cut CPP and EI?

Hint: it's not you. It's rich CEOs.

CPP and EI deductions are not taxes. They are your pension and your security if you unexpectedly lose your job.

And this isn't the first time Pierre Poilievre has worked to cut your pension. When he was a Cabinet Minister in Stephen Harper's Conservative government, he wanted to make you work longer before you could retire and get your pension.

While he works against you having a good pension, Canadian taxpayers have paid for his pension for life – that he's had since he was a 31-year-old MP.

Cutting CPP and EI will hurt you and lets rich CEOs and the companies they head take the money they were supposed to put into your pension and add it to their profits instead.

And what do they do with profits? Pay big bonuses to the big bosses.

Let's break it down. By cutting CPP and EI:

  • Workers will save $11 a month, while their pensions and EI gets cut.
  • Big corporations will take more than half a billion dollars that they were supposed to put in your pension, and increase their bonuses instead.

It's clear: who does Poilievre's scheme help? The big bosses and their big bonuses. Not you and your family.

Canadians deserve better.