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May 4th, 2015

REALITY CHECK: Two-thirds of Canadians not invited to Justin Trudeau’s tax cut buffet

The Liberals took over a diner to hype their so-called middle class tax break, but it turns out that people earning the median – in other words the people in the middle – weren’t invited to the party and won’t benefit.

The bottom two-thirds of all those who file taxes will get nothing at all – while the biggest benefits will go to the people near the top.

Trudeau’s tax plan excludes everyone who doesn’t reach the second tax bracket – and unfortunately, that accounts for the large majority of Canadians.

The latest figures from the Canada Revenue Agency show that nearly 18 million people – over two-thirds of all tax filers – had incomes below the cut-off for the Liberals tax plan. They will get no tax savings.

Meanwhile, the maximum tax break goes to those who earn between $89,401 and $200,000 – and even some people making more than $200,000 will see their taxes reduced under the Liberal plan.

Canadians deserve better.