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July 14th, 2021

REALITY CHECK: Trudeau’s pretty words and fake promises for Essential Workers

Essential workers have made a lot of sacrifices during the pandemic. Yet, Justin Trudeau has been dragging his heels and leaving them behind in his recovery plans.

In the 2019 election, Justin Trudeau promised to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour “starting in 2020”. Now, in July of 2021, that promise has been pushed to “December 29, 2021”. Another sad let down for Canada’s essential workers that helped us get through the pandemic.

And when Trudeau was forced to introduced a paid sick leave program at the behest of the NDP, it was flawed, inefficient and left too many workers without access.

Time and again, Justin Trudeau has proven he does not have workers at heart. His voting record on supporting legislation that would make life better for working families proves it:

Trudeau talks a lot about caring for working people, but when push comes to shove, he does the opposite. More pretty words and fake promises.

Now, Justin Trudeau’s obsession with calling an election has made his priorities clear – his entitlement to power is more important than helping essential workers and families.

Canadians deserve better.