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May 26th, 2021

REALITY CHECK: Trudeau ignores systemic racism in Canada

A year ago, the Prime Minister took a knee to denounce police brutality in the tragic death of George Floyd.

This week, Justin Trudeau said this:

“Mr. Floyd’s death was a tragedy. And it was a reminder that there are still too many people living with anti-Black racism and injustice, including here in Canada.”

Once again, symbolic gestures and nice words cannot replace concrete action.

Yesterday, we learned more about Canada’s problems with systemic racism. A CBC story detailed how Justin Trudeau's government paid victims of racism in the public service to remain silent and withdraw their complaints.

In response to this CBC story, Parliamentary Secretary Greg Fergus candidly stated that his government is "doing a lot, but are we doing everything we can? Absolutely not."

Why don't we do everything we can when we know what the problem is?

Systemic racism is here at home, not just south of the border. Canadians deserve a Prime Minister who will address this pervasive problem head on.

Canadians deserve better.