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June 30th, 2021

REALITY CHECK: Trudeau has failed to stop Canada’s growing housing crisis

Since 2000, housing prices in Canada have risen the most in the world.

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recognizes Canada is in a housing crisis, his half measures have clearly failed to stop this crisis from growing. His Liberal government has been in power for six years and the housing crisis has only gotten worse for families.

Under Justin Trudeau's watch, Canada’s house price to income ratio is the highest in the world – by a large margin.

Canadians now have to spend 52% of their income on housing. But that's just an average. In Vancouver and Toronto, residents spend respectively 75% and 68% of their income on housing.

This is the highest proportion since 1990.

People simply can't afford housing anymore because of the incompetence and inaction of Liberal and Conservative governments.

Evictions, lack of affordable homes and home prices that have risen more in Canada than anywhere else in the world have forced people to leave the communities they live and work in to find a home.

What does Trudeau suggest doing about this crisis? To construct 35,000 affordable housing units. In other words, a Band-Aid on an open wound.

The measures he is proposing are clearly insufficient. Canada must address the housing crisis in the same way we addressed the COVID-19 pandemic.

Big talk and little action has become the hallmark of this Prime Minister.

Canadians deserve better.