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May 8th, 2021

REALITY CHECK : Trudeau—big talk, little action

On Saturday, Justin Trudeau will participate in the Vax concert, broadcast on YouTube, where celebrities will promote vaccine equity around the world.

On one hand, Trudeau will speak to the need for international cooperation to end the pandemic. On the other hand, his government will hobble efforts to achieve vaccine equity.

Trudeau talks a big game, and delivers little action.

On universal pharmacare? The Liberals have been promising it for 24 years and are voting against the NDP bill.

On paid sick leave? Big promises that fall short of expectations.

On fighting tax havens? Great words and nothing concrete.

On the fight against climate change? Here, it is clearer: Trudeau prefers buying pipelines.

While the world watches Trudeau say pretty words, Canadians know to check against delivery.

Canadians deserve better.