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June 29th, 2021

REALITY CHECK: Trudeau abandoned youth during COVID

Justin Trudeau has not risen to the challenge of supporting youth during the pandemic.

Far from it.

He refused to extend the moratorium on student loan repayments, he has refused to permanently end interest on student loans, and since he became Prime Minister, his government has made over $4 billion off the backs of young people.

Instead of helping students, the Liberals wanted to give a billion dollar contract to Trudeau’s friends at WE Charity – a scandal that made every other COVID support late and a year later, still hasn’t made its way to students.

And adding insult to injury, today we learned that Justin Trudeau is hounding students to pay back the aid they received during the pandemic.

Justin Trudeau is choosing to go after young people, who barely got by, while he lets the richest companies get away with taking government help to pay rich shareholders.

It's time for Justin Trudeau to stop treating students and young people as his way to pay for the recovery. It’s time Canada’s young people had a Prime Minister who respected them.

Young Canadians deserve better.