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May 14th, 2024

Reality Check—Poilievre’s Corporate Controlled Blues

Pierre Poilievre is under CEO control and his corporate calendar keeps dragging on.

Only days after Poilievre’s deep connections to billionaires and CEOs were revealed to Canadians, he’s spending another night with his corporate buddies at the Black & Blue Steakhouse.

While you scrimp and save or even skip meals this week, Poilievre will fill his plate with $450 Italian caviar and a $179 porterhouse steak.

While your family struggles to pay the monthly bills, Poilievre is scheming with billionaires on how to cut your dental care and pharmacare.

With Poilievre, cuts and corporate greed are always on the menu.

“It’s pretty clear who this guy is behind closed doors,” said NDP Ethics Critic Matthew Green. “Pierre Poilievre is attending fundraisers at restaurants most Canadians could never hope to afford. While he pretends to care about the issues facing working people, he spends all his time with corporate elites. No wonder he’s not interested in tackling the corporate greed driving up your grocery, cell phone and internet bills. Hardworking Canadians should know who Pierre Poilievre really answers to—because it isn’t them.”