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July 18th, 2019

Reality Check: PM Proud of Trade Deal That Threatens Canadian Jobs

Justin Trudeau is trying to sell his CETA trade deal to Canadians this week in Montreal, even though the deal will cost thousands of Canadians jobs, make life less affordable for people and will chip away at our Canadian sovereignty.

The CETA trade deal is another example of the Liberals prioritizing wealthy and powerful corporations – and breaking their commitments to the rest of us.

Since its entry into force, CETA has:

  • Led to a devastating $3.5 billion trade deficit in favour of European agri-food producers, who are exporting their products to Canada at a much higher rate than Canadians are exporting to Europe, impacting our farmers and producers.
  • Strengthened patent protections for Big Pharma, while increasing the cost of medication for Canadians. The PBO has found expected annual costs for Canadians would rise by hundreds of millions of dollars, while another study has pegged annual cost increases could go up to $850 million for Canadians.
  • Chipped away – yet again, like NAFTA 2.0 and the TPP – at Canada’s supply managed sectors, resulting in significant costs for Canadian dairy farmers, who are bearing the brunt of the Liberals’ reckless trade policies without receiving adequate compensation.
  • Threatened Canadian sovereignty by imposing investor-states provisions that hand more powers to giant multinationals at the expense of our public interest.

This week, Jagmeet and New Democrats announced they will invest in a train between Sherbrooke and Montreal, as well as a high-frequency train between Quebec and Toronto, cutting emissions, creating jobs and helping people commute. The NDP also announced its plan to cover Canadians from head to toe – starting with a national prescription drug plan, and expanding our health care to cover every Canadian with dental, eye, hearing, and mental care.

While Trudeau is on the road selling trade deals that make Canadians’ lives harder and more expensive, Jagmeet is on the road showing Canadians how the NDP’s New Deal for People will protect and create Canadian jobs, make life more affordable for people and fight the climate crisis.