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July 9th, 2024

Reality Check—Pierre Poilievre will cut everything except his corporate sponsors

After spending a few days pretending to be a blue-collar worker, Pierre Poilievre is finally ready to get back to taking powerful paycheques from corporate lobbyists.

Tonight, he will host his latest fundraiser at the Arbutus Club, a private health club which charges a staggering $65,000 to become a member.

For many families, that money represents a year’s worth of hard work.

For Pierre, it’s just a night out with his wealthy corporate sponsors to game plan how he will cut taxes for Loblaws and Rogers.

He has been called a “fraud” and “liar” before, but one thing is always true: Canadians can trust him to cut everything except his corporate sponsors.

“While Canadians are getting gouged at the grocery till, on their cellphone bills and on their rent, Pierre Poilievre is rubbing shoulders with those getting rich off the backs of hardworking people—and taking their money,” said NDP MP Matthew Green (Hamilton Centre). “Pierre is a corporate sellout—no wonder CEOs of big grocery chains and developers make up his donors’ list.”