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January 10th, 2023

Reality check: Dinner with Poilievre costs more than Canadians’ rent

Pierre Poilievre is charging $1,700 per person for a cash-for-access dinner with his ultra-wealthy supporters Tuesday evening at the Toronto Club.

Poilievre is visiting cities across Canada, only holding $1,700 per-person events — a price higher than most people’s rent, now $2,024 on average.

“Only the ultra-rich have access to Pierre Poilievre,” said NDP MP Matthew Green (Hamilton Centre). “He pretends he’s mad about the cost of living, but listens exclusively to the people who can afford to buy an hour or two with him for $1,700. He’s not listening to working folks, and not working for families like yours.”

Green said Poilievre’s track record is the proof in the pudding. He voted against measures like making super-rich CEOs pay what they owe to take the burden off working families, and providing dental care for children.

“Unlike the Liberals and Conservatives, New Democrats aren’t working for the highest bidder,we’re working for you and your family,” said Green.