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July 13th, 2019

Reality Check: 100 Days to Go - Let’s Look at the Record

With 100 days left to go before election day, the Liberal and Conservatives keep working for the wealthy and powerful – and breaking their commitments to the rest of us. They make the rich richer – and we pay the price. They give them what they want – and take from what we need.

Justin Trudeau charmed us last election with pretty words and empty promises – but he’s been working for his corporate friends just like Stephen Harper did.

  • Trudeau has let big polluters off the hook.
  • He let the cell phone and credit card companies rip us off.
  • He let the big drug companies deny us affordable prescription drugs.
  • He kept big tax breaks and giant loopholes for corporations evading taxes.
  • And he’s even continued the Conservative cuts to health care – one of the Liberals’ dirty little secrets.

Mr.Trudeau hugs us in public – and works for his powerful friends behind closed doors. The Conservatives also always make sure their corporate friends benefit more. Andrew Scheer will promise you a few more dollars – but he’ll cut services and cost you more.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

In 100 days, Canadians will have the chance to elect a government that finally works for you.

The NDP New Deal invests in families, makes life more affordable and fights the climate crisis. Head-to-toe health care starting with Pharmacare; affordable childcare, tuition and housing; lower cellphone and internet bills; taxing the top of the top 1%; closing corporate tax loopholes and cracking down on tax evasion; and a serious climate plan that creates new jobs and makes big polluters pay.

Imagine a government that actually works for us – instead of the rich and powerful.

That’s what Jagmeet Singh’s New Deal for People is all about.