December 12th, 2017

Quebec wrap up: The Liberal government is turning a deaf ear to Quebec

Accompanied by his Quebec NDP caucus colleagues, Alexandre Boulerice painted a disappointing picture of the work done by Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government in 2017. The MP from Rosemont—La-Petite-Patrie criticized Quebec Liberal MPs’ failure to listen to their fellow citizens.

“The Liberals have simply not listened to Quebec, he said. They did whatever they pleased, and instead of working with Quebecers, they worked for themselves and their rich Bay Street friends.”

Despite unanimous opposition from Quebec’s cultural and artistic community, the Liberals chose not to listen and went ahead with an agreement that benefited the American giant Netflix, to the detriment of Quebec artists and broadcasters.
Instead of being outraged by tax havens, as are most Quebecers, the Liberals have yet to propose a concrete plan to address tax evasion and abusive tax avoidance. Worse, while they continue to stall on this issue, they protect their wealthiest friends, like Stephen Bronfman, the Liberal Party’s chief fundraiser.
Finally, the Liberals are kowtowing to the Trump administration, notably on important issues like supply management and softwood lumber, but also on the numerous migrants who were forced to leave the United States, revealing a real lack of understanding when it comes to Quebecers’ priorities.

“Last year when we were doing our 2016 year-end review, I was wondering where all the Liberal MPs from Quebec were hiding, because we didn’t hear them in Ottawa," recalled Boulerice. "I am still looking for them today. They are invisible! What are they waiting for to finally stand up and defend the interests of Quebec?”