March 1st, 2019

Prime Minister’s Office Scandal: Recall the House

Jagmeet Singh, the NDP Leader, made the following statement:

“Today, I call on the Prime Minister to recall the House of Commons.
We knew the halls of power were rigged for wealthy and corporate insiders – it has been for decades in the Prime Minister’s Office. But what Ms. Wilson-Raybould revealed in detail this week shows just how far the Liberal government has gone to prioritize the interests of corporate elites over those of Canadians.
The former Attorney General has accused the Prime Minister and his office of orchestrating a sustained and politically motivated campaign to get her to stop the criminal prosecution of his executive friends. These allegations, credibly and compellingly made, have caused Canadians to lose a great deal of faith in the Liberal government.
But since her testimony, the Prime Minister has failed to attend Question Period to answer for his actions detailed in her account.
Given the severity and credibility of the allegations against the Prime Minister, and the cloud of scandal cast over the Liberal government, the Prime Minister must recall the House of Commons so that Members of Parliament, and Canadians, can hold him to account.
When a rich corporation asks for help, Justin Trudeau is ready to do everything, but when Canadians need help, they are told to wait. And let’s be clear, the only job Trudeau is worried about is his own. When it comes to Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, there are two sets of rules, one for the richest and their friends, and one for the rest of us.
With the Leader of the Opposition, I am asking the Prime Minister to be accountable to the people of Canada by being present in the House to answer to questions of allegations of political interference in our justice system.
Justin Trudeau must stop silencing Jody Wilson-Raybould, and must allow her to fully speak her truth. He must agree to testify, under oath. And now more than ever, we must pursue the full truth with an independent public inquiry into Justin Trudeau's interference scandal – we've only scratched the surface.
Only then will we ensure full accountability for this devastating breach of public trust. Canadians deserve no less. New Democrats stand united in calling on the Prime Minister to be accountable and tell the truth.”