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June 1st, 2019

Power to Change: a New Deal for Climate Action and Good Jobs

OTTAWA -- On Friday, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh presented his bold climate change and jobs creation plan. Singh and the NDP put forward a plan that is on the side of people with climate solutions that will take on big polluters, reduce our emissions and make sure that working people have more opportunities for good jobs and an affordable life.

"We have to get it right for both working people and the environment. It’s time to act. There is no time to waste. But when it comes to tackling the climate emergency and protecting workers, Justin Trudeau’s actions don’t match his sales pitch," said Singh. "It’s time for a New Deal to actually win the fight against the climate crisis and create good jobs! For the good of our children and our workers, we need to stop talking and we need to act now. New Democrats have the courage to act."

As it stands, Justin Trudeau's Liberal government has spent $4.5 billion on a pipeline and plans to spend another $11 billion to expand the pipeline, they have the same targets as Harper’s targets, and will meet them two centuries late, they put a price on carbon but gave an exemption of 70 to 90% to the biggest polluters; and they continue to spend more than $1.6 billion a year in fossil fuel subsidies. And while Trudeau and the Liberals delay action, the Conservatives deny that a problem even exists.

New Democrats presented an ambitious, comprehensive plan to take urgent action on climate change, create jobs, strengthen our communities and makes them sustainable for the long term. Under the NDP plan, Canada will create at least 300,000 good jobs building the clean energy future, save families $900 or more per year on home energy costs with energy efficient upgrades, make public transit cleaner, more convenient and more affordable – even free, protect our communities from extreme weather events like floods and forest fire, adopt science-based GHG emissions reductions targets for 2030 that are in line with stabilizing global temperatures at 1.5 degrees Celsius – and be accountable for meeting them.

"We are facing huge challenges. Climate change threatens all the things we value. But instead of getting results, Justin Trudeau is letting the biggest polluters off the hook. It’s time to fight climate change like we actually want to win," added NDP Deputy Leader Alexandre Boulerice. "Our plan lays out a clear path that ensures people and the environment both win."

The NDP plan will also provide workers access to training and education for the low carbon future, build more zero emissions vehicles here at home, support workers, families and communities so that the changing economy works for them, boost clean tech research and manufacturing with Buy Canadian procurement, help companies reduce emissions and keep jobs here in Canada.