February 6th, 2019

Paul Dewar – An inspiration to all of us

That is how the NDP family is remembering Paul Dewar today.

We are remembering his never-ending determination to make the world a better place, and how he would let no obstacle – not cynicism, fear, division, or even cancer – stand in his way. We are remembering his eternal optimism and belief that in all people, there is the potential to do good.

And we are remembering that we all have a brighter future because of his tireless pursuit of justice in his community, across Canada, and around the world.

As our Member of Parliament for Ottawa-Centre, Paul made our kids safer by winning a ban on Bisphenol A. He helped make our planet greener by winning a ban on inefficient light-bulbs. He demanded respect for public service workers, and justice for pensioners. He won protections for Gatineau Park, and brought transparency to the National Capital Commission.

As our lead on foreign affairs, Paul made our world safer by advocating for peace. He challenged Canada to be a beacon for justice around the world. He championed the role of women in peace building at the UN, and demanded Canadian companies behave abroad as they are expected to at home.

As a community leader Paul brought people together. He saw the potential in everyone, especially young people, who he called “our most untapped natural resource.” And he set up an organization, Youth Action Now, to help tap that resource and turn out resilient young leaders.

As our colleague and friend, Paul represented the best in all of us.

We have lost a brother and a friend, but we will always and forever be inspired by his example.

To Paul’s family, we know you brought him strength and joy and we hold you close in our hearts.

To Paul, we thank you. We will miss you.