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December 6th, 2012

Part I: Minister Lebel's imaginary defence for gutting waterways protection

Tuesday, Transport Minister Denis Lebel tried to justify his gutting of the Navigable Waters Act. This time, in response to the NDP’s concerns for waterways that will no longer be protected, the minister once again made up a bogus explanation.

“We’re not talking about sharing a canoe, but ships that transport goods in containers. Has he seen many on the Chaudière River?” - Denis Lebel, House of Commons, 04/12/2012

Unfortunately for Minister Lebel, his argument doesn’t make sense. A brief review of the list of lakes and rivers that escaped the Conservative axe reveals a number – such as Vernon Lake, Mary Lake and Sparrow Lake – where container transport is hardly a priority. Funny coincidence – these three lakes are all in the President of the Treasury Board’s riding!

Instead of trying to mislead Canadians, the Conservatives should come clean and admit his new list of cherry-picked protected waterways aims, above all, to protect the view from their wealthy friends’ luxurious cottages.