November 24th, 2014

No child should live in poverty

Twenty-five years after the unanimous adoption of former NDP leader Ed Broadbent’s motion to end child poverty the NDP is tabling a motion urging MPs to recommit to that goal.

“In a country as prosperous as Canada, there is no good reason for any child to go hungry, not have adequate shelter or experience any other insecurities that come from poverty,” said NDP Deputy Leader Megan Leslie (Halifax). By investing in our children, we’re investing in Canada’s future.”

“In the 25 years since that pledge was made, Canada’s child poverty rate has soared to 21 per cent,” said NDP critic for Employment and Social Development Jinny Sims (Newton – North Delta). “It’s time we put an end to this national shame.”

The text of the NDP’s motion:

That the House recognize the 25th anniversary of the unanimous resolution of the House to eliminate poverty among Canadian children by the year 2000, adopted on November 24, 1989, and, since that goal has not been achieved, the House recommit itself to eliminating poverty among Canadian children.