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April 26th, 2022

New reports show how Liberals continue to fail on the climate crisis

NDP Environment and Climate Change Critic Laurel Collins made the following statement:

“The Environment Commissioner released another series of scathing reports that show how the Liberal government continues to fail to tackle the climate emergency. After years of promising Canadians a better, more secure environment – the Liberals have failed to deliver.

The report on carbon pricing shows how the Liberals are letting the biggest polluters off the hook while doing nothing to reduce the burden faced by Indigenous communities and small businesses.

When it comes to climate infrastructure, the Commissioner found that the Liberals weakened requirements, so Infrastructure Canada was unable to track projected emissions and climate impacts.

And with the use of hydrogen to reduce greenhouse emissions, the Liberal government put on rose-coloured glasses, using overly optimistic and unrealistic assumptions for modelling, relying on non-existent policies that undermine their credibility.

On the greening government strategy, the Liberals have chosen not to report on the biggest piece of the emissions pie, failing to disclose indirect emissions for any departments or any emission results for Crown corporations.

Canadians expect their government to be a leader against the climate crisis, but today’s reports show clearly that the Liberals are failing to protect Canadians, failing to protect workers, and failing to protect our future.

Canadian workers and their families need to see real supports to create good jobs that fight the climate crisis. And people in communities across the country need their government to act with the urgency that matches the scale of the crisis. New Democrats will continue to fight for a safer, more secure, and cleaner future for all Canadians.”