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October 31st, 2023

New Democrats call for home heating plan to help all Canadians with rising bills

OTTAWA – On Tuesday, Canada’s NDP leader Jagmeet Singh outlined the NDP’s plan to reduce home heating costs for all Canadians this winter. This comes as the Liberals announced a pause on carbon pricing on home heating oil and a heat pump program that only applies in the Atlantic where the Liberals have seats they need to save.

Singh is calling on the Liberals to remove the GST tax off home heating to help everyone across the country. He’s also calling for a windfall tax on the oil and gas companies making record profits so that Canadians can get money in their pockets and people can get some help switching to cost effective solutions like heating pumps and better insulation. New Democrats want to help Canadians keep costs down while fighting the climate crisis across the country.

“Over the last two years, Canadians have had to scrape by and cut back to keep up with rising costs. At the same time, the Liberals offered families struggling with their bills very little support,” said Singh. “Last winter, when families asked for help – the Liberals were nowhere to be found. But now that they’ve seen the polls, they’re handpicking where they need political points and leaving the rest of Canada behind. Families across Canada deserve a break on their heating bills, and New Democrats want to see that happen.”

For over a year, New Democrats have demanded that the GST on home heating be removed so families can keep up with their bills. But Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have delayed acting and disappointed Canadian families.

And Pierre Poilievre and the Conservatives have made it clear they’re never going to stand up to the big oil and gas CEOs making record profits while polluting the planet. When he was in government, Poilievre even handed out $55 billion in tax cuts to rich corporations while cutting services for Canadians.

“Canadians want to fight the climate crisis but they need to know the government’s plan is fair and not based on division,” said Singh. “With Poilievre, you never see him taking on the CEOs driving up costs. He pushes division and frustration – with no plan to help people.”

“New Democrats believe every family across Canada deserves a break on their heating bills. Which is why we’re offering up a plan that will make a difference in every province and territory.”