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September 8th, 2011

New Democrat Critic to take part in the 8th plenary meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Forum of the Americas

MONTREAL – New Democrat Critic for the Americas, Paulina Ayala, will be in Asuncion, Paraguay this week taking part in the Inter-Parliamentary Forum of the Americas. Ayala will be talking about the importance of corporate responsibility, as Canadian businesses plan to invest in Latin America in the coming decades.

“Some of the most important investors in Paraguay, Chile and elsewhere in Latin America are Canadian businesses, and we now have the opportunity to showcase Canada’s leadership in the area of sustainable international development,” said Mrs. Ayala.

Ayala, the Member of Parliament for Honoré-Mercier, questioned the relevance of the government’s current ‘Americas Strategy’.

“The Harper Government has a very narrow view of our relationship with Latin American countries, Conservatives only see them in narrow economic terms,” explained Ayala. “The Conservatives’ lack of a comprehensive strategy for the future is regrettable.”

According to Ayala, existing rules are insufficient to adequately monitor the activities of Canadian businesses. “The Government is counting on voluntary standards adopted by Canadian businesses investing abroad, asking only as a minimum that they respect internationally recognized standards and norms. Canada should lead the way by ensuring local populations receive the full benefits of Canadian investment abroad.”