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January 24th, 2023

NDP: Victory lap on passport delays likely leaves bad taste for many Canadian travellers

NDP Transport Critic Taylor Bachrach released the following statement in response to Minister Karina Gould’s announcement that Canadians are being issued passports within target timelines, most of the time:

“People have rightfully been frustrated with the government’s response to passport backlogs. Since last spring, many Canadian travellers were forced to travel hours from home, wait hours in lines, and face months-long delays to get their passports. For many, this meant missing important trips.

The Liberal government failed to adequately anticipate the resurgence of travel demand and as a result, its ministers were caught flat-footed. I doubt many Canadians who experienced stress, anxiety and significant personal cost are joining Minister Gould in her victory lap today.

New Democrats believe Canada’s passport system can be even better than it was before the pandemic. Rural Canadians in particular continue to face barriers to passport access. We will keep pushing for efficient passport service delivery in every corner of the country."