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September 30th, 2015

NDP to unmuzzle Canadian scientists, invest in research

Science to be front and centre in NDP government

Kennedy Stewart, the NDP Science critic, released the NDP’s plan today to better promote research across Canada and restore the role of science in government decision making.

“Under Stephen Harper, thousands of scientists have been fired and muzzled, research funding has been slashed and evidence has been ignored,” said Stewart. “Tom Mulcair is ready with a plan to restore the voice of scientists in government, invest in better support for Canadian researchers and bring back the long-form census.”

The NDP’s concrete plan to bring change to Ottawa includes:

  • Ending the policy of muzzling government scientists and ignoring evidence.
  • Restoring the mandatory long-form census.
  • Making more government information available by default so researchers and citizens can benefit.
  • Investing $105 million in post-secondary research so Canadian researchers can be leaders again in scientific discoveries.

“Stephen Harper has stifled science and rejected evidence,” said Stewart. “Canadians know they can trust Tom Mulcair to bring change to Ottawa – and lead a government that helps build an innovative, 21st century, knowledge economy. A government that makes decisions based on evidence, not ideology.”