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February 6th, 2023

NDP study into greedflation and rising grocery costs to hear from grocery executives

OTTAWA – On Monday, an NDP study into corporate greed and the sky-high costs of food will resume at a parliament committee with testimony from senior grocery executives, including Metro.

“Families are being forced to cut back their grocery lists and take food out of their grocery carts, and prices are still rising fast,” said NDP critic for Food Price Inflation Alistair MacGregor. “While people have been coping with ridiculous food costs, grocery CEOs are making more money than ever before. It doesn’t add up.”

For months, the NDP has called out grocery store CEOs who earn millions in bonuses, and called for the government to put a windfall profits tax in place to disincentivize price gouging.

“Everyone should be able to afford healthy food, but the Liberals are standing by while people are racking up bigger bills at the till. After New Democrats put pressure on Loblaw to freeze prices – it’s clear, that the price increases people are seeing are about corporate greed, and the Liberals could be doing more to help Canadians,” added MacGregor.

“The Liberals are turning their backs on Canadians. And Pierre Poilievre’s Conservatives will never stand up to huge corporations – they always protect the rich and powerful. New Democrats are the only party fighting to make rich CEOs pay what they owe and get prices down, so that you don’t have to cut back on the healthy food your family needs.”