October 1st, 2018

NDP Statement for Women’s History Month

Jagmeet Singh, Leader of Canada’s NDP, issued the following statement:

“Today and throughout the month of October, we celebrate Women’s History Month. This is an opportunity to recognize the achievements and contributions of women and girls across our country and throughout our history.

Throughout our history, the fight to advance the rights of women in Canada and around the world has played a foundational role in shaping the country we call home today. The tireless efforts played a significant number of courageous women in shaping the diverse and prosperous Canada we live in today, has built a country where all people can achieve their dreams, regardless of gender.

This year’s theme – #MakeanImpact – is not only a way to honour those who have helped make an impact as pioneers in our society, but it is also a call to action that all Canadians do their part to build on the work of courageous women, past and present.

This month, and throughout the year, I encourage all of us to honour and recognize the brave women – those who came before us, and those around us today – who have made our country a more just and equal society for all. May we find a way to join with courageous women around the world and make an impact in our society that lifts up those around us.”